Massage Therapy Now Offered!!

We are very excited to announce that massage therapy services are now being offered to our residents, staff, and family members.  Meg Oliver, owner of Extra Hands is a licensed massage therapist who will begin offering her services to us beginning in June.  On a regular basis we will be providing massages in a group setting to our residents, while also offering individualized massages for residents, staff, and families at a nominal fee.  The group massages will be offered as part of our activity department on a regular basis and have been shown to provide many benefits.  Some of these benefits are:  stress reduction, pain relief, lowering blood pressure, relieving arthritis pain, memory and cognitive improvements, and sleep enhancement.  If you are interested in booking a massage please contact Haydee or Chad at 303-776-6081. 

Congratulations are in Order!!

We want to recognize and say CONGRATULATIONS to one of our Resident Care Specialists, Jodie Martinez.  Jodie was recently selected by Sava Senior Care to participate in the Care Connection Council in Atlanta!  She was 1 of only 50 across the nation to be selected for this prestigious committee.  Congrats Jodie and thanks for all the love and compassion you show to your residents, families, and coworkers!

What's New at Applewood?

If you have not visited Applewood Living Center recently you will be pleasantly surprised when you do! We are excited about our recent interior renovations.  From our front and back lobby renovations which include new furniture and decor to a brand new interior paint scheme.  We are off to a great start in fostering a very comfortable, relaxing home-like environment for our residents, families, and staff.  Additionally we have renovated our therapy gym and added an ADL and Restorative room. These upgrades add many more options for our patients and provide a private space in which they can concentrate on healing and recovery. We are excited to soften the feel of our community and bring an updated atmosphere to Applewood.

Coming Soon...St. Vrain Rehabilitation at Applewood Living Center

We are very excited to announce our latest endeavour here at Applewood Living Center.  In the upcoming months we will be transforming our 200 hall unit into a fully funcitional, state of the art short-term rehabilitation neighborhood known as St. Vrain Rehabilitation at Applewood Living Center.  This enhanced rehabilitation space will include upgardes to patient rooms along with additional private suites, as well as, dedicated Resident Care Specialists, LPNs, and RNs.  St. Vrain Rehabilitation will be designed to promote a quite, healing environment so our patients can focus on their recovery and therapuetic goals.  We are all very excited about this transformation!  Check back for more updates in the weeks and months to come!       less