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Long-Term Care

Sometime long-term care is needed and our long-term care neighborhoods are designed to provide a living environment where each person can maintain a comfortable level of independence, while relying on us for activities of daily living that have become difficult. We offer many opportunities for people to continue to pursue their interests, develop new skills and maintain or improve functioning through planned programs such as regular trips outside of the building, music, shopping excursions, holiday parties, and so much more!


When a primary caregiver needs a temporary means to take a break from caring for a loved one, relieve him or her by providing respite care. From a weekend getaway to extended breaks we can meet your needs.

Cardiac Care

We offer treatment and services for a wide variety of cardiac related diseases. We are excited about our new CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) program which will be unveiled in early 2014. More information to come!

Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke is the leading cause of adult disability in America, with 4 million survivors unable to return to their previous lifestyle and level of independence. The devastating impact of stroke on survivors and their families has intensified research to improve medical treatment and rehabilitation technique for a more rapid and complete recovery from stroke. Ideally rehabilitation should begin immediately after a stroke and provide intense physical and mental exercise and training.

The last decade has seen rapid progress in the treatment and rehabilitation of stroke patients. Programs like ours use advanced rehabilitation techniques that have been proven to increase strength and mobility for optimal functional recovery after a stroke.