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Pain Management

The facility recognizes the inter-relationship between uncontrolled pain and the decline in functional abilities, leading to an impaired quality of life. The facility will evaluate and identify residents experiencing pain; evaluate the existing pain and the cause(s); determine the type and severity of the pain; and develop a Care Plan for pain management. The Care Plan is implemented and continually evaluated for its effectiveness. The staff monitors and documents the resident’s response to pain management interventions. The goal of the Pain Management Program is that pain is identified and treated effectively and consistently through use of both pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions.

I.V. Therapy and Enteral Therapy

Our team of skilled RNs and LPNs are experienced in managing the following nursing therapies:
- I. V. Antibiotics
- Peripheral Lines
- Central Lines
- G Tube
- J Tube
- Total Parental Nutrition (TPN)

Wound Care

Our Wound Care utilizes clinically progressive treatments for:
- Pressure Ulcers
- Surgical Incisions
- Diabetic Wounds
- Stasis Ulcers